General Questions

1.   Why would I travel overseas for a medical procedure/surgery?

There are many different reasons for our clients who decide to go on a medical tour overseas.


The main reason our clients decide to use our services and travel to Thailand on one of our group tours, is because the cost of the same procedure in New Zealand may be up to 50% more.  With this substantial saving they also get a holiday.


A lot of medical procedures and surgery are not covered by insurance.  For example, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks and most of the plastic surgery procedures. 

Added to this is the fact that very few New Zealanders are insured for health and medical procedures, preferring to rely on the public health system. 

Quality of Healthcare Providers in Thailand:

Over the last few years the medical tourism industry has grown exponentially and healthcare providers are now specifically designing and providing a quality of service and facilities that is aimed at the medical tourism market.  Because of this, they aim to surpass the quality and service that is available in many of the countries they market to.  They also realise the need to maintain safety standards so that their patients will come back and use them again.  A good healthcare provider not only meets the requirements of their own country in safety, services, technology and trained staff  but also seeks outside international accreditation and measures these features against international standards. 

As people become aware of the quality of these healthcare providers and the cost savings involved, they can then compare them to their home countries healthcare providers and make a fair comparison based on all their requirements.  Comparative research would involve,


Whether the overseas facility has an international accreditation, JCI and measures itself against international standards.
History and safety features.
Staff, including surgeons and their experience and where they received their training.  A lot of surgeons in these facilities have trained overseas in America and Europe and Britain.
Cost for the procedure
What information is provided in regard to your medical procedure and how efficient are the facilitators and surgeons in replying to enquiries



2.   How safe is it to travel overseas for a medical procedure/surgery?

Because the overseas medical facilitators that deal in medical tourism measure themselves against international standards, and gain JCI International Accreditation, their safety features installed are of a world class international standard.  Therefore they will be comparable and measureable against anything offered in New Zealand.

Another factor to consider in relation to the safety of travelling overseas is whether a patient feels sufficiently confident to travel alone or whether they would like the added assurance of travelling in a group with a group assistant who is able to help with all aspects of the journey.  This may involve organising travel arrangements, liasing between the patient and hospital with enquiries, quotes and information, organising accommodation, transfers and visiting the patient in hospital post surgery, organising day tours and other personal assistants and caregivers, if needed.

For a lot of people the unknown of a different culture and country is something they may find daunting.  However, with the right help and assistance this need not be the case.  

3.   Why would I use Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery to be my Medical Tourism Facilitator?

There are many reasons that Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery would be a preferred medical tourism facilitator:

We are a New Zealand company based in New Zealand and so understand the unique needs of New Zealanders.  We want to help our fellow New Zealanders into a better experience for their medical journey.  Other companies may be based overseas and are run overseas and so do not have the same understanding of New Zealanders and their needs.
We have done the research for you and inspected and experienced personally the medical healthcare provider, accomodation and day tour options.  We have only chosen the best healthcare providers and accommodation for your needs.
We understand the process and what is involved and can therefore help you in all aspects of your medical holiday, except flights.
We have affiliated links and personal connections with our overseas facilitators and therefore maintain high quality of service at all times and are able to liase with your best interests at heart. 
We keep you fully informed at all times to make sure that your travel experience is fantastic.
We deal with all aspects of your journey so that you can relax and have a stress free experience.
You may choose to make all your arrangments yourself, get in touch with the hospital, and travel by yourself.  However, the benefit of travelling on one of our group tours or as an individual is that you will have peace of mind, knowing that we are helping to make your medical holiday as stress free as possible. 

4.   What is the process to be followed, should I choose to travel on a group medical tour with Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery?

Make an initial enquiry
The hospital and surgeon may require medical history and information to give you more specific and informed advice.  If this is the case and involves past xrays you will need to get these digitally compressed to send to the surgeon involved.
Once all your information has been forwarded to the hospital and surgeon involved we will be able to give you an estimate of cost, including accommodation, transfers and our fees.
If you choose to go ahead we will then book your appointments, and accommodation.
You will be met  at the airport and transferred to your accommodation and apartment.
Your in house co ordinator will arrange for transfers to and from the hospital to your accommodation for all appointments
On the day of your departure you will be transferred to the airport.                                                                                                                                                                  

5.   Can I organise my own flights and what will I need to do to prepare my visas and passport?

You may organise your own flights and we recommend you do,  to get the best price available.  We do not organise or book flights.
Visas and passports must be organised well ahead of time.  We recommend that you make enquiries about updating passports, and visas if you need them, at least 6 weeks ahead of your travelling date.  A passport may be organised in a shorter time frame than this but this usually entails extra cost.

6.   Can you provide finance and insurance for my medical travel and surgery?

We do not personally provide finance or insurance but we can recommend and refer you to our helpers in these areas. We do offer a finance package in conjunction with Q Card, of 12 months interest free and 12 months no payments.