Travel Tips for a Stress Free Holiday








Once you have had your surgery, flight, and accommodation bookings confirmed and you have your travel itinerary it is important that you start planning.  We have put together the following tips to help you get the best out of your surgery holiday and to avoid any stressful situations.



Passport & Visas

1.     Make sure your passport has at least 6 months duration left on it before any expiry date.

2.     If you do not have a passport, it is important that you apply for one as soon as possible.  Internal Affairs have a turn around time of around 10 days, not including delivery.  If you leave the application to close to the time you have to travel you may have to get an urgent passport issued and this costs extra.

3.     Check to see if you need any Visas.  New Zealand citizens with New Zealand passports do not need a visa.  But if you are not a New Zealand National and you have a passport from another country it would pay to check.

4.     If you are a New Zealand National you will receive 30 days stay in Thailand automatically.

5.    Keep a photocopy of your passport in your wallet or purse.

6.    Write on the photocopy of your passport your health insurance emergency telephone number and your policy number. Consider including contact details of your next of kin or some other person to contact in an emergency.










Generally these are not needed for stays less than 30 days and if you are travelling to major population areas and cities.  However, if you are staying 30 days or more and will be visiting rural or remote hilly areas you will need extra immunisations for such things as Malaria.  If unsure we advise that you go to your doctor and discuss this and any other health problems that you need medication for while on holiday.



It pays to organise some insurance for your trip. 

Some credit cards offer automatic insurance when you spend $500 or more on your travel with your credit card.  It pays to check before paying extra for insurance that is already covered.

Otherwise it is highly recommended that travel insurance is taken out that will cover the eventuality of sudden and unexpected situations.  Such things as flight delays, health problems, losing luggage or documents such as passports, can put a real dampner on your holiday.  Having insurance does give some peace of mind that in such situations you will have some protection.


Weather Guide:

Thailand temperatures are generally very hot and it does pay to check what to expect before you go so that you can pack appropriately.


Packing Your Bag:

Finally all preparations have been made and you only need to pack your bag.   There are several things to consider when deciding what to take.

Because the temperatures are generally between 25 degrees celsius and high 30's, depending on which time of year you travel, you may only need one warm weather change of clothes.  Otherwise travel light, with mainly summer clothes.

Also because the shopping is very good and you will be amazed at the bargains and cheap prices of clothes, you may wish to travel with very little packed clothing and plan to shop for clothes once you get to Thailand.

Do remember the weight limit on your airline of choice.  It certainly pays to check the weight of your bags before you fly back to New Zealand as some airlines can be very strict on weight limits and do impose hefty excess baggage costs to anything over the limit.


We wish you a very happy and safe holiday.