Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Many people are now choosing to travel overseas for medical procedures performed by highly qualified surgeons at world class medical healthcare facilities, often at a fraction of the cost of having the same procedure performed in their country of residence.  At the same time they choose to take a holiday break.  Medical Tourism is the term that is used to describe this worldwide trend but is also known as Global Healthcare and Health Travel.

The medical healthcare facilities, in such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipines and India,  are specifically catering to overseas patients and as such provide hundreds of different medical procedures.  Their specialists and surgeons are often trained and qualified in America or Europe and each surgeon may perform hundreds of surgeries per year in their particular speciality.  

Because the medial healthcare hospitals are catering to international patients, their quality and safety of service is paramount.  Many, therefore, seek international accreditation with subsequent world-class performance and safety measures put in place.

All medical and dental procedures that a hospital would offer are available.  

Some of the treatments available to medical tourists include but are not limited to:

  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

  • Dental Surgery

  • Skin/Anti Aging

  • Weight Loss Surgery

  • Womens Specialities

Quality of Care

Many of the most advanced medical travel facilities in the world exist outside of New Zealand, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travelers such as yourself. In fact, these hospitals have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of health tourism.  In this regard they are world class and far superior in pricing, quality, and systems to that of our New Zealand providers.