Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?

The process of travelling overseas for medical, elective, non-elective, cosmetic and dental procedures and surgery.

Travelling Overseas for Surgery?




Why would you want to travel to an overseas destination to undergo a medical procedure?

Do you need cosmetic or dental surgery but have been quoted a price that is out of your reach?

Are you wanting to change your appearance to look younger and feel more beautiful? Perhaps because you are planning your wedding, special occasion or want to have a lovelier appearance to build confidence in yourself again.

Are you having trouble shifting weight despite diets and exercise?

Do you think it is time to pamper yourself, feel beautiful and have a lovely holiday in an exotic location?

At Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery we have found that every person's reasons for choosing to travel overseas for medical or dental procedures is a personal decision based on their own personal and unique needs.  No two people are alike but the above may apply to your situation or you may have other reasons.  However, if you are looking for 1st class healthcare and medical procedures at a fraction of the cost you have been quoted in New Zealand and you like the thought of having a peaceful and recuperative holiday, then medical tourism/travel, may be for you.

Quality and Safety of Healthcare Abroad

There will be a lot of questions that you have when considering travelling overseas for a medical procedure. One of the first issues to investigate would be the quality and safety of healthcare abroad. If you do a quick search on the internet you will find health care providers that advertise for medical travelers.  However,  CONSUMER BEWARE! This presents a very interesting question; how do you know who to trust and deal with. The truth is, you don’t until you have either experienced it first hand or know of a trusting source that has had the experience.
In reality, it’s impossible for most people to know first hand, because they haven’t traveled to a foreign country to inspect the quality of healthcare. So, what’s the next step? Find someone you can trust who has had the experience and is willing provide a referral to the best. Hence the need for a bona fide, professional, medical tourism service agency in New Zealand to help you make these difficult choices. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of an unbiased medical tourism specialist, you will better guarantee your safety and comfort while traveling abroad for your surgery.

Cost Savings

Once you decide to make this decision then you can start comparing prices.  Generally by travelling overseas for your surgery you will be able to save up to 70% on NZ surgery prices. 
This can be up to 50% savings once accommodation and flights are added. 


All our clients are covered by a 12 month guarantee by the hospital for surgery they undertake.  There are terms and conditions attached to this guarantee so please make yourself familiar with these. 

Programme Managers

Once you have made initial enquiries, compared prices and decided to travel overseas for your medical surgery, procedure you will want to find out what happens next. 

If you book with Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery we look after you from the time you arrive at the airport to the time you return.  There will be someone to greet you at the airport, and be liasing with you from the time you leave New Zealand to the time you return.  Please Note:  The following itinerary will be for those travelling with one of our group tours.

Group Trips

Your itinerary will follow as below:

  • Private transportation to the hotel
  • Pre-arrange hotel check-in
  • Meet and Greet at the hotel at a pre arranged time for all the group
  • Transfers to-and-from doctor consultation
  • Transfers to-and-from medical procedure
  • Provide communication assistance, such as cell phone or 24 hour contact number
  • Check on recuperating patient daily, once procedure is performed, with phone in and 1 visit in the hospital before discharge.
  • Assist with local tour and excursion arrangements
  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  • Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
  • Assure that customer is comfortable and content at all times
  • Deliver customer to airport for departure

Travelling Alone or With a Companion:

For many of our clients, travelling in a group is not possible.  There may be various reasons for this, such as holiday and leave restrictions, privacy reasons, compatability with times of companions.  Whatever the reason we want to assure you that if this is the case and you cannot travel on one of our group tours and you need or want to travel alone or with a companion we will also look after you from the moment of your enquiry.

We will co-ordinate with the hospital for the following:

  • Airport pick-up
  • Transfers between accommodation and hospital for all your surgery medical appointments.
  • Personal assistant at the hospital
  • A recommended treatment plan and quoted cost of your procedure, from your surgeon.
  • Booking of your surgery on or as near to the date that you have chosen

You Decide

Of course you may wish to book directly with a hospital overseas but in essence do you know what to expect, the cultural and language differences and will you be able to find your way around without assistance.  Also, how will you feel after surgery and without assistance. 

That is why we are here.  We want you to experience the best, best in terms of medical providers, travel, transfers, accommodation, assistance, holiday tours, and shopping.  We want you to come back to New Zealand totally transformed.  A transformation that will enhance your life and lifestyle for the better.