Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery Tour

Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery Process


  • Make an initial enquiry
  • We will be available to discuss further your needs, expectations, concerns, budget, time frames, and what your vision is and what your physical needs and potential limitations are in going forward.
  • Once you have decided to progress to the next level we will guide you through the process of filling out medical questionaires and submitting any medical information, xrays, etc.  It is very important at this stage for you to identify what specific treatment you are seeking and ascertain your exact needs.  If you make any changes to your treatment later on this may complicate matters.  Through this whole process we will be very careful to work with you to understand your medical needs and design treatments around your personal needs.
  • The hospital and surgeon may require medical history and information to give you more specific and informed advice.  If this is the case and involves past xrays you will need to get these digitally compressed to send to the surgeon involved.  Such things like photos, MRI scans, xrays, and medical transcripts may be required.
  • A medical questionare is required to be filled out at this stage to forward onto your surgeon who will be able to better assess your needs and requirements and whether you will be eligible to have the procedure done.
  • Once all your information has been forwarded to the hospital and surgeon involved we will be able to give you an estimate of cost, including accommodation, transfers and our fees.
  • You may wish to forward questions to your surgeon at this stage and we will facilitate this via email.
  • Review the costs and advise of potential dates you will be able to travel. 
  • If you choose to go ahead we will then book your appointments, and accommodation based on your travel and flight arrangements.  Please ensure that your passport and any visas that are necessary are all up to date, before your departure date.
  • At this stage you will need to deposit the administration and facilitator fee into our bank account, along with your accommodation fees.
  • Transfers are arranged between the airport and your accommodation and accommodation to the hospital, and back to your accommodation. (This is subject to terms and conditions).