Mission Statement

We are committed to providing global world-class medical travel, accessing the best in affordable cosmetic, elective, non elective and dental procedures - for positive life enhancing transformations.

Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

Why we're here

Nip-Tuck Cosmetic Surgery was founded with a vision and a passion to deliver affordable world-class medical, elective, non-elective, dental and cosmetic surgery procedures to their customers.  

So the dream began.......

Who We are

We're a company that prides itself on delivering a service that puts our customers first.  

Why Work with Us?

From your first contact with us we treat you as special.  We believe that each persons needs and requirements are different and we believe that you deserve special care and attention based on your individual needs.  

We look after you from the first contact.

We have researched and experienced personally only the best in medical healthcare providers, hoteliers and other services we offer.  Therefore we have only chosen the best for our customers.

We provide group tours, so that we may look after you from the moment you board your flight to Thailand to the moment you arrive back in New Zealand or Australia.  We do this by arranging, transfers, accommodation, booking your consultations, and surgery appointments. 

We are affiliated to other services such as Medical Tourism Insurance providers, Financial Services and Caregivers.  

All contact and enquiries are treated with the utmost confidentiality and we believe you need to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity at all times.  

Thank You!

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. To talk further about how we can work together, get in touch on 0800 647 882 or email an enquiry. We look forward to talking/hearing from you!