Male Breast Reduction


Tummy Tuck/Liposuction

Hair Transplants

Face & Neck







Male Breast Reduction

& Liposuction

*From NZ$4,900

Feeling embarrassed?  Don't be.  Gynaecomastia, or male breast glands are more common than you may think.  Up to 50% of men will have some form of this in their lifetime.  However, our surgeons can help with specialist surgery that can remove the glands and/or remove the excess fatty tissue with liposuction. 

A simple surgical procedure can help.  For more information fill out our specialist surgeons form, submit some photos to us and we can have a surgical assessment and estimate back to you within days.

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Teeth & Dental

*Save up to 70% on NZ prices

Have you got the winning smile?

We all know that first impressions count and that for men it's about winning.  A great smile shows your confidence in any situation.  Whether you are winning a sale, winning that interview for a job, winning over the lady of choice, winning in an executive, corporate meeting, and meeting someone for the first time.  It takes 3 seconds to make that first impression.  Don't let your smile down with rotten and missing teeth, crooked and dirty teeth, and lopsided smile. 

We have internationally rated dentists to help.  All we need are your dental x-rays and bite smile for a free dentists evaluation and estimate.

You can send these to



Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

*From NZ$7,730*


That somach roll just wont budge, no matter how many crunches you do.  Right?  Wrong.   We know that many of our clients go the gym religiously, play sports, exercise and diet but no matter what they do the roll won't budge, unless they starve themselves and give up all good things, like that beer with mates, barby with friends and family and your partners fab cooking. 

Get your free surgeons evaluation and estimate today.  Make the committment and transform that body.  But do it on holiday in Phuket, Thailand and nobody will know, except nearest and dearest. 

Contact our specialist surgeons today for an estimate and evaluation.

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Hair Transplant

Our Specialists & Technology Can Help

With Male Baldness

*Prices start from 100 THB per graft for < 1000 grafts

*or from NZ$4.00 per graft for < 1000 grafts

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Face & Neck

Knock 10 - 15 Years Off

& Save Up to 70% on NZ Surgery Costs

Life has a habit of passing us by, right? 

Do you feel more like Father Time than young, vigorous and Virile.  

Are you feeling the pace of life yapping at your heels?

We have surgeons that specialise in facial and neck surgery and may be able to help you roll back the years.

*Eyelid Surgery from NZ$1,220

*Jaw Contouring from NZ$9,358

*Chin Augmentation from NZ$1,632

*Vaser Liposuction under Chin from NZ$3,623

*Lower Face & Neck Lift + Neck Muscle Tightening from NZ$10,171

*Mid/Lower Face & Neck Lift + Neck Muscle Tightening from NZ$11,425

Find out from one of our specialist surgeons what they can do for you.

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All prices are based on standard procedures for uncomplicated procedure patients and are for surgery only.

All prices are based on "from prices" due to the varying nature of each individual person's uniqueness and needs. No two people are alike. 

Each person will be given an individual assessment and estimate from their plastic or dental surgeon, which is not a quote and is initially assessed from information and photos that the patient provides.  The final price and treatment plan are set during the final face to face consultation with the plastic surgeon prior to surgery and initial estimates may change depending on the final treatment plan decided upon with the surgeon and patient during the face to face consultation. 

All prices are generic and given as an indication only for budgeting purposes and are subject to change without notice from the hospital.

All generic New Zealand prices shown are based on Thai Baht Prices shown in this price list but are subject to fluctuating excange rate changes on the day of surgery and given as an indication only of the exchange rate at time of publication of this list.  These are actual Hospital costs in Thai Baht and are current for 2016. 

We have not included all procedures here that are available and if you do not see the procedure you are looking for please contact us for more information.

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