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Are Cosmetic Surgery Holidays Safe?

January 07, 2013 at 1:20 PM


Safety for the Medical Tourist

One of the most frequent questions asked by clients, when they are contemplating travelling to Thailand with us for surgery, is whether it is safe.

This question, for most people, would be one of the most important considerations in deciding whether to travel overseas for surgery.

So we would like to outline some of the most important features that anyone should consider when investigating this aspect of their surgery holiday and hope to help answer this very important question.

When considering whether to travel to Thailand for a cosmetic or medical surgery holiday there are some very important questions that each client needs to consider.  These are:

  • What is the physical, mental and emotional condition of the patient?
  • Whether they have any underlying problems that may cause complications with surgery, such as physical, mental or emotional factors that would need addressing before surgery.  This may take many forms but the most common are such things as risk of infection because of dental problems, skin problems, depression and heart problems.  The patient must be very honest with their surgeon about this so that their suitability for surgery can be accurately ascertained.  In some instances certain precautions may be needed to alleviate any possible risk factors.  For example giving up smoking, losing some weight, having wisdom teeth removed or a mouth abscess healed before surgery.  It will be necessary to fill out a pre medical check form so that the surgeon can accurately assess what needs to be done to alleviate any risks or even if the patient can proceed with surgery if there are any problems. 


  • What are the credentials of the hospital, staff and surgeons?

 Is the hospital an internationally accredited and recognized hospital and are the surgeons experts in their field with all the requisite training and experience.  In Thailand there are many hospitals and surgeons but a good hospital will be JCI accredited, internationally recognized and employ only the best trained and experienced surgeons they can, have the latest technology, and follow strict international and national guidelines for safety and service.  These details may be accessed through a hospitals online website.  Also on the website the surgeons’ qualifications and experience will be published.


  • Travelling alone as opposed to travelling with an escorted group. 

Travelling alone and overseas into a foreign land with a different culture and language may be daunting for a lot of people.  So some of the things that need to be addressed is whether you feel comfortable travelling by yourself and making all your own arrangements, or whether to get a medical tourism company to make arrangements for you, such as transfers, appointments, accommodation, and pre and post surgery consultations and send you by yourself without any escort or guide or lastly join an escorted group that travels together for a medical surgery holiday.

Check with the medical tourism company as to what their services specifically cover.  For most people the escorted group tour is the way to go.  They will have a New Zealand guide and consultant that will be able to help them with such things as transfers, navigating around, becoming familiar with currency and shopping, and will accompany them to all consultations, pre and post op, visit them in hospital and check on progress.  The guide and consultant will also be able to organize day trips and accommodation.  Also being in a group has its own benefits, such as friendship and companionship with others going through a similar experience.  For many people the peace of mind that they have, in knowing that someone is there on hand to help makes the escorted medical holiday a safe option.