Beautiful Brides

Beautiful Brides

December 03, 2012 at 2:48 PM

Wedding day preparations are daunting for most brides and usually consist of months of planning all the special features that will make her day special.

The most important features are the brides dress and make-up because lets face it every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day.

When it comes to Make up and Beauty preparations, this usually consists of

Hair style, make-up, pedicure and manicure, and tanning solutions.  And, it is so important to get this right because every bride wants to look absolutely beautiful and stunning for her special day.   

But, beauty preparations do not have to stop there.  Some brides are now looking at going the extra mile and are now considering a little nip-tuck cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty for their special day.

Some of the areas in which a bride may feel she wants to enhance her beauty may be:

  • Breast augmentation – enlargement with implants,
  • A little liposuction to reduce a few extra kilos in targeted areas, like the arms, waist, thighs, ankles, knees etc.
  • Botox to reduce wrinkles
  • Fillers to fill out the little lines around the mouth
  • Eye surgery to reduce lines around the lift and open up the eyes

Such procedures need very special planning around the time it takes to recover from surgery.  But this should not be an issue, given that most weddings are planned months in advance of the wedding day.  

Considering that most procedures take at least two months to recover fully, we recommend that the bride plan any cosmetic surgery at least three months in advance of the wedding day. 

Privacy is also an issue, as most ladies do not want their work colleagues, or just general day-to-day acquaintances to know that they have had any surgery done.  One suggestion we have is to book an escorted cosmetic surgery holiday so that you can rest and recover away from day to day activities and people, whilst enjoying a real holiday where you can pamper yourself with extras, such as manicures, pedicures, hair styling, massage, spa treatments, eyelash extensions and the like.   Also do as much or as little as you want.  Rest up in your apartment or spend a day shopping, day tripping or just lounging by the hotel pool. 

On the shopping excursions you may find fabulous bargains for your wedding day that you wish to buy and bring back to New Zealand. 

If you have a special person, like Mum or a special friend that you feel would want to accompany you, this can provide added enjoyment for the two of you as you share the holiday together.   And also it always helps to have an extra pair of hands to help with all the extra goodies and shopping you bring home.

An escorted cosmetic surgery holiday may be the best pampering and beauty treatment a bride can give herself in preparation for her special day.