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Breast Implant Size



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Breast Implant Size

Breast Implant Size

What Size Implant Should You Choose?

One of the most important considerations, when deciding on having breast implants or breast augmentation, is how big do you go?  


Breast_Implant_Size.jpg After all your breast implants should last for 10 - 15 years and so a decision like this is a long term one.  

Breast implant sizes start from 100cc and go up to 1000cc. So the decision can be very confusing for a lot of women.

Some of the factors that we think are important in choosing the size of breast implant that is right for you are:




Body Type:

Some of you may know these body types already but  we will elaborate here so that you can better understand, what yours may be.

  • Ectomorph's - Generally skinny.  Sometimes tall but not always.  Small joints and low body fat.
  • Mesomorph -  Naturally lean with medium to large size bones, square shoulders and easy to lose weight, gain muscle easily when exercising
  • Endomorph - Round body, has a tendancy to put weight on easily and lose slowly because metabolic rate is slow.  Can develop muscles easily but finds it hard to lose weight.

Body Shape:

As with the above, body weight can be varied but most people will fall within a lean, strong or small shape. 


As we get older and have our children our breasts do change shape and so not only is the size important to choose but also the type of breast implant, round implant or tear drop implant.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to advise you once you have your face to face consultation, as to the breast size he thinks is suitable for you.   Because he will have a lot of experience in performing the breast implant procedure his advice can be invaluable.  

However, the most common complaint that ladies make after breast implant surgery, is that they wish they had gone a little bit bigger.  Most want the natural look and so your plastic surgeon will err on the cautious side when advising you of what he considers to be a good breast implant size for your shape, body type and age.  

Some other things to consider when considering your breast implant size are:

If I am naturally slim and small, will large breasts make me look top heavy and bring with it a lot of unwanted attention?  Also, much bigger breasts on naturally slim and petite ladies may pose a problem with back pain caused by the size and weight of the new breast implants.

Larger framed and bigger ladies can naturally carry larger breasts.  Sometimes it is preferable to choose larger breasts to balance out a pear shaped body.  

We have found from experience with our clients, that the natural look is the best and this can make a huge difference in self confidence and body confidence.  Some of our clients have even said that they were embarrassed to to to the beach and put on a bikini before they had the breast implants but after they have had their breast implant procedure their confidence has sky rocketed and they are more than happy to flaunt their new bodies on the beach in a new bikini.  

If you are thinking of having breast implant surgery and would like to discuss this with us or have a free consultation with one of our specialist surgeons, please click on the link to the right and fill out the form and send your photos to, so that we can help you with any concerns, questions or information you may need to help you in your decision. 

All our surgeons are internationally qualified, certified and have had more than 20 years experience, so you know you are getting the best advice possible for you as individual.  

This is purely a free consultation and will not cost you anything.  We offer it to help you make an informed dicision.