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Do you need a breast lift?

Breast Ptosis Or Sagging Breasts

Do you need a lift?


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Many of our clients ask us what the surgeon means when he recommends a lift because of Breast Ptosis. Simply put, it means that your breasts are sagging. 

Reasons for sagging breasts can be many and varied but here are the most common reasons why:

  • Age
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Pregnancy and after effects of breast feeding

How do the surgeons determine the grades of ptosis and whether you need a lift or not. There are different classifications that a surgeon will review. These include the following:

  • Grade 1: is diagnosed when the nipple is at or up to 1 cm below the crease. 
  • Grade 2: describes the nipple at a level 1 to 3 cm below the crease.
  • Grade 3: describes a nipple more than 3 cm below the crease or at the inferior pole of the breast.

Once the surgeon determines the degree of sagging or breast ptosis he will be able to recommend the best surgery procedure to correct the breast ptosis and give a pleasing result. 

Some of his recommendations may include:

  • Breast Lift with implant
  • Breast reduction with lift and implant
  • Breast lift by itself
  • Breast reduction and lift without implant

It is important to discuss the options with the surgeon and decide in consultation what the best solution is for you individually. No two woman are alike and so there is no easy solution that fits all. And not all women need a lift when they have a breast reduction or breast implant procedure. 

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