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What are you looking at when you receive a plastic surgery package deal?

How do you know you have the best surgeon at the best price?

How do you know that the prices are genuine?

Recently we have been inundated with enquiries from people that were promised one price but given another, by unscrupulous agencies. 

We have been horrified by the misinformation and deceptions that some agencies go to to get business so we have decided to put out best practices for you to follow to avoid the pitfalls. 

Package deals:

When looking at package deals on websites, do they promise very cheap prices for inclusive packages, including airfares and accommodation? Generally if it looks too good to be true, it is.

How can you tell if you have a genuine package deal?

When you contact the agency, do they ask for a deposit before sending you confirmation of a booking or a surgeons evaluation, while promising that the package is for you if you are a client without complications?

We have seen this happen time and time again and are horrified by agencies that claim that they do not charge booking fees, but then ask for a deposit of AUD$500, BEFORE they send you your confirmation of booking or your surgeons evaluation. 

Once you pay your deposit, this is not refundable if you choose to cancel your surgery. 

In the meantime they send you an invoice and a surgeons evaluation and quote that does not resemble the original package deal you were promised.  Usually, up to twice what you were promised and with more procedures that you did not want. 

So how can you be sure you have an honest and transparent agency to help you with your surgery. After all, this is a lot of money to part with.

  • Make sure that you do not pay anything until you have your surgeons evaluation and estimate and then only if you wish to book your surgery. 
  • Is there someone that you can actually talk to about your procedure, rather than just email communication. Now we know a lot of you prefer emails, but if there is not someone on the other end of your enquiry, what happens if something goes wrong.
  • Do not be sucked in by the "no agency fees" blurb.  All agencies have to make an income and in these instances the "agency fees" are hidden in the deposit you pay. eg. You are requested to make a deposit and told that this will come off your total price but the agency has already added it to the invoice, before they request it from you. (This is an old trick of many retail outlets where they offer a % off but have already added it to the price).
  • Does the agency insist that you pay on invoice? They send you their invoice and you pay this. (In some instances this is required, eg. Australian surgeons, but in the majority of instances you can pay for your surgery with a credit card on the day of surgery). If they insist that you pay on their invoice for Thailand surgeons and hospitals, it generally means that they are hiding costs and additional prices, over and above the surgeons cost. 
  • Is the agency transparent about the prices they have included in their invoice. Are they able to break the prices down. 

Best Practice 

We suggest the following, to choose a reputable agency to help you with your plastic surgery holiday.

  • Do ask for a call back, rather than just an email when making an enquiry. In this instance you will be able to talk to an actual person.
  • Do not pay a deposit before receiving your surgeons evaluation and price.
  • Ask for a breakdown of the package, accommodation, surgery and flights.
  • Ask whether there are any extra costs you may be invoiced for, eg. compression garments, transfers etc.
  • Ask about what support is available to you while you are recovering after surgery.

There are some reputable agencies that are transparent in their dealings with clients and we hope we have given you some information to help you decide on the best agency to help you with your surgery holiday. 

"I booked prior with a very dishonest Australian company to go over. 2 weeks out from my trip we had to cancel. I contacted Penny on the off chance she could help. From the time I spoke with her, she bent over backward to support me and help me get there. I was rebooked through her. As I wasn't booked on a tour I was on my own. She was in constant contact and went above and beyond to make sure I was safe and well cared for. I would thoroughly recommend her and her company."