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"Im planning my next trip within six months of this one.  The whole experience is amazing.  From the moment I left New Zealand I felt so totally cared for.  Nothing was too much trouble for Penny and her Nip-Tuck team and the hospital, surgeons and medical services were really world-class.  There is nothing to compare to it in New Zealand.  And I got a holiday!"

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November 27, 2012 at 12:06 PM




One reason I got involved in this business is to see positive transformations in other people’s lives.  Most of us love being pampered.  Having a pedicure and manicure, hair cut and color, spray tan, eyelash extensions or teeth whitening procedure, may be a few ways we indulge ourselves.  These are quick fix beauty makeovers that don’t last but make us feel really good.

One area that most women struggle with, however, is weight.  This is not a quick fix and for most of us as it is something that is a lifestyle and long-term issue. Faced with the myriad of diets out on the market place it becomes a mission to choose or even stick to a healthy eating plan. 

However, if after constant diets and exercise you find yourself unable to lose the weight and it is having an impact on your wellbeing, physical, emotional or psychological there are additional measures you may take to lose the kilos.

Liposuction is one of these. 

Liposuction can reduce fat deposits on different parts of the body.  For example, tummy, arms, back, thighs, breasts, ankles and knees.  Most of us have a few kilos of weight that are stubborn and resistant to dieting and exercise and those kilos are often centered in one part of our body.  For some it is the hips, others the thighs, and still others arms or tummy. 

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is perfect to use to lose a few kilos in targeted areas of the body for a more defined and sculpted look.  It can be used alone as a procedure or combined with a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty. 

Because of the technique used in liposuction, there are no stitches or scars to contend with post surgery. 

Who would I recommend liposuction to? 

  • People who have a few stubborn kilos to lose, that can’t be shifted with normal diet and exercise. E.g. Back fat, wobbly arms, and fat concentrated in such areas as knees, ankles etc.
  • People who feel that there is a part of their body that is not proportional and balanced to the rest of their body, e.g. big thighs, large hips, etc. 
  • People who are undergoing a tummy tuck and need the rest of the body to look balanced alongside the smaller stomach.
  • People who want more definition in different areas of their body.  E.g. a smaller waist.


If you would like to dream, visualize and create a more sculpted body without scars and with curves in the right places and just need to lose a few kilos this may be right for you.  Please refer to our procedures page for more information on what is involved in a liposuction procedure.




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