Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty, Reduce crow's feet, facelift, tired eyes, bags under eyes, eye wrinkles





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Eyelid Surgery:Blepharoplasty


Eyelid surgery a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help you look years younger.  It is a procedure that can be done with either a local or general anaesthetic and can be performed for top and lower eyelids.

It is one cosmetic surgery procedure that delivers instantly to reduce:     


Face Lift





  • A tired look
  • Under eye bags
  • Eyelid droopiness
  • Excess skin on upper and lower eyelids
  • Fine, "crepe paper type" wrinkles of the lower eyelids



The surgery takes between 1-3 hours and recovery time is generally between 2 - 4 weeks.  This allows time for any bruising, swelling, tightness of lids, and light sensitivity to disappear.  Incisions will fade over a number of months usually becoming barely visible.  Removal of fat from your eyelids, which is usually the cause of puffiness and bags, is permanent, and these conditions will generally not recur.

The advantages of being able to have this procedure under a local anaesthetic is the lower cost, side effects from the aneasthetic are less than with a general anaesthetic, and no down time in hospital.

As with all surgery each person needs to consult with a surgeon to make sure of eligibility for them personally.  All specifics will be discussed with your surgeon in your face to face consultation. 

Eyelid surgery is one of the least invasive procedures but can make a huge difference in creating a younger looking face.