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Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery Before and After Results

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery

What Type Suits You?



A nose is a nose is a nose, right?  No.  Everybody has different a different sized nose. Some are small and tiny, some are large and round, some are long and pointy and there are many more combinations.  

Our nose is one of the most prominent of our facial features and can dictate our whole facial profile.  

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is the surgery procedure done on a nose for varying reasons. 

  • Medical Reasons: 

Rhinoplasty may be done to correct disfigurement that is caused by trauma, accidents or birth defects.

  • Cosmetic Reasons:

Cosmetic Reasons for rhinoplasty or nose surgery, may be done to change the noses appearance for a more pleasing and symetrical effect, or to balance the shape and size of the nose with the rest of the facial features. 

This is where rhinoplasty or nose surgery comes in.  There are different areas of the nose that a good plastic surgeon can adjust with expert plastic surgery techniques.  

Some of these areas are: 























Once you have decided on having rhinoplasty or a nose job it is important to discuss your expectations with your surgeon, bearing in mind that there is never a perfect nose.  Your plastic surgeon will be able to discuss the results he feels he may achieve and will discuss exactly how he will do this, in the face to face consultation.  He will evaluate the structure of your nose and your other facial features.  

Usually rhinoplasty can be done as an out patient and you will not need to stay in hospital overnight.  Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can also be done under either a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic.  This will be your choice at the time.  

For examples of before and after nose job surgery, please see below.  










If you are considering Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery we can help with specialist plastic surgeons.  


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