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Round Implants or Tear Drop Implants

Round Implants or Tear Drop Implants:



Since 2012 ladies have been able to choose between round implants and tear drop implants.  

So, what is the difference and who should choose which implant?  

This can be confusing for many ladies when considering which to use and there are a number of factors to take into consideration before deciding.  So, we have put together the latest information that may help you understand the differences and also to use when discussing this with your plastic surgeon in a face to face consultation.

The first criteria of choosing which implant, is choosing the safest implant for you.  Generally in most cases this is the round implant, as there are less complications with this than the tear drop implant.  

Tear Drop implants are suggested by your plastic surgeon when there are criteria that mean you will need more ability to have a fuller implant at the bottom of the breast. The criteria is as below:

  • Excessive droopiness in the breasts
  • Tightness in the lower pole of the breast
  • Tuberous breast deformity

If you have any of the above, your plastic surgeon may suggest that you have the tear drop implants, as these are fuller at the bottom of the implant than at the top. 

Other factors to be considered is the shape you are trying to achieve.  However, a recent study has shown that when a normal breasted woman had a round implant procedure, there is no marked difference in shape and the plastic surgeons, asked to determine which women had tear drop implants and which women had round implants, could not differentiate the difference.  

Lastly price may be a determining factor for some ladies.  Round implants are cheaper than tear drop implants.  

All these factors need to be discussed in detail in your face to face consultation with your plastic surgeon.  He will show you the actual, physical example of both and also size you for the optimum size of implant that you can choose to give you the best outcome and result.   

We advise that you do listen to your plastic surgeon but the final choice is always yours.  

Our surgeons are experts and we do offer a free, no obligation evaluation and estimate of cost.  If you are interested in this please fill out the surgeons form: and send us your pictures to