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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Safe Practices



It has come to our attention that there are certain surgeons in NZ and Australia who are using local anaesthetics for procedures and performing the procedures in clinics and surgeons rooms. 
Why we do not agree with this: 
  1. If anything goes wrong you are not in a hospital for instant access to hospital facilities.
  2. In Australia there have been problems with cosmetic surgeons pumping clients with too much LA, as the procedure continues because the client was starting to feel the pain. In several instances this has resulted in massive complications for the patient. The Australian Government has stepped in and brought in new regulations to stop these cowboys performing surgery under LA and in rooms.
  3. The surgeons who do this do it so that they can save money and quote competitively because they do not need to quote with the inclusion of hospital fees or an anaesthetist fees. They want your business and are prepared to cut costs and safety factors to get it. 
What we recommend: 
  1. When enquiring about prices for your surgery do not assume that because you are in NZ or Australia you are avoiding risks with your procedure. The risks are there for all procedures in any location. A more expensive price does not mean you are receiving the best care possible and having your surgery in NZ or Australia does not guarantee that you have a safer experience.
  2. Do not agree to have major surgery under LA or in surgeons rooms as hospital facilities and care is needed in all procedures.
  3. Do not agree to have surgery under LA and be sent home the same day. All surgery patients need to be monitored for a certain period of time after surgery with proper nursing staff and most cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures need at least 1 night in hospital for this after surgery monitoring.
  4. Price should not be your bottom line when considering surgery. The things you need to consider are:
    1. Qualifications of the surgeon
    2. Does he/she use a fully accredited hospital for surgery
    3. What reviews can you find on him/her 
    4. Does he/she offer you at least one night in hospital for the price you are paying.
    5. Does he/she offer you a guarantee of revision surgery if something he/she or the hospital does cause complications.
How we can help you with a safe decision:
  1. We only refer our clients to surgeons who have full qualifications and a minimum of 10 years experience. Most of our surgeons have far more than 10 years experience, are internationally recognised and most are specialists.
  2. All our surgeons offer at least one night in a fully accredited hospital and surgery is performed under GA, unless it is minor like removing skin lesians or eyelid surgery.
  3. None of our surgeons are prepared to cut costs when considering their clients safety.
  4. All of our surgeons give considered and honest reviews in their evaluations and will only perform a procedure with your safety in mind. 
  5. None of our surgeons will perform procedures under LA in rooms.
  6. Multiple surgeries are divided between days and none of our surgeons will perform procedures in marathon time blocks. This is for your safety. 

If you would like an honest evaluation and quote from a top surgeon in any of the following locations, (we have visited all these surgeons and hospitals and can confirm that they meet with our strict requirements), please contact us today and we would love to help you with a safe surgery transformation. 

  • Bali
  • Bangkok
  • Gold Coast
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon, Vietnam)
  • Phuket

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.