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Breast Reduction: Can I have breast implants with that?

Breast Reduction:  Help.  I am too big!

All of us have breasts.  But, some of us have more than others.  We sympathise with any of you that experience the below.  

Sometimes our breasts can get in the way.

Sometimes our breasts cause us pain in our backs.

Sometimes our breasts just won't fit that outfit or fashion statement you want to project.

Sometimes our breasts mean that we get unwanted attention.

Sometimes our breasts make us sad.

Sometimes our breasts just get in the way of enjoying a sport.

Sometimes our breasts make us look frumpy.  

It is really hard to reduce breast size with exercise and diet.

Sometimes we have overwhelming feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment.

Sometimes we can have negative body image

Sometimes we Restrict social interaction

AND sometimes we experience sexual harassment. 

But, there is help for women who are experiencing the problems that big breasts cause!




It is called Breast Reduction Surgery.  

With a breast reduction procedure, your breasts can be reduced by a plastic surgeon, to a normal weight and size for your height or frame.

It is important to discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon and also your desired result.

The procedure can be done with implants or without implants.  Implants and a lift procedure can be combined with breast reduction surgery, to avoid saggy breasts and give the breasts a lovely contour.  Or you can have the breast reduction procedure done without implants and combined with a breast lift procedure.

The nipple will also be repositioned so that it is not pointing down but is positioned in such a way as to look natural.

This procedure is done under a general anesthetic and will require you to stay in the hospital for 1 night.  

Your surgeon will advise on the post-operative care you must take for a rapid recovery.  Normally he will advise to rest up for at least a week after surgery and then not to resume heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 6 - 8 weeks after the surgery.  

If you would like help please contact us to discuss this.